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EWL provide a dedicated professional service. This responsive service has been instrumental in allowing export sales to develop and prosper from manufacturing facility. It is imperative that our customer service team can give flexible transport solutions and competitive quotations. Export documentation to our diverse customer base is always accurate and promptly provided and delivered. Good relations and a thorough understanding of our bespoke requirements has allowed us provide a first class service in partnership with EWL.
– Global Food Colouring Manufacturer

As one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, we look for a service provider with the capabilities to deal with a very diverse and complex range of logistical requirements on a global scale. EWL meets this challenge by providing expertise and knowledge of the market second to none. Whilst you can not ignore the fact that this company is major player, they still give that personal attention that is lacking in so many of its competitors.
– Global Chemical Manufacturer

Edge Worldwide Logistics are the exclusive in-house logistics provider to our Company for all deep sea imported products. We have worked with EWL exclusively for the last eight years during which our import origins and volumes have grown considerably. They provide detailed supply chain and import information, are pro-active in all aspects and their pricing is competitive and transparent. They have consistently delivered substantial cost savings and are constantly reviewing our supply chain to release as much value as possible in a highly competitive market place. We strongly recommend Edge Worldwide Logistics to any food importer or exporter.
– UK Leading Frozen Food Retailer

More than just a service provider, EWL is a valuable member of our team. They understand both the goals of our organisation and the needs of our customer are a basic key to success. Their ability to respond very quickly to the ever changing supply chain demands has enabled them to be a great partner for us. Whether it is for freight forwarding, storage and distribution, value added services, or transportation needs, we know we can count on EWL to be a major contributor to our company’s long term goals. They have competitive prices and a consistently great attitude, providing prompt, thorough and professional services on a daily basis.
– Top European Sporting Goods Importer

As the world’s leading geotechnical specialists we have requirements to move equipment ranging from a single pallet to loads in excess of 100T throughout the world, often at short notice.  With EWL handling our freight forwarding they have taken away the difficulties we have experienced in the past and deliver a prompt, professional and reliable service.
– World Leading Geotechnical Specialist