Pharmaceutical Logistics

The movement of pharmaceuticals in a controlled environment is crucial to protect the integrity of the product. Our specialist reefer team are experts in the transportation of pharmaceutical products and work closely with both customers and suppliers to ensure that the supply chain is continually maintained.

Our worldwide network allows us to provide both the service level on the ground and secure supply chain that is required to transport sensitive, high-value items. When time is crucial, EWL is able to offer a vast range of air, sea, road and rail options to best suit your needs and criteria as well as ensuring that any EU and UK guidelines are strictly adhered to. Whatever the movement and time frame, EWL’s specialist reefer team will work closely with the customer in order to ensure pharmaceutical goods arrive in optimum condition.
Our supply chain management system allows full traceability of goods.  This allows our customers to plan ahead, at the same time able to keep an accurate track of their pharmaceutical products from origin to destination.
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