Vietnam is a manufacturing powerhouse. With its expanding economy and a strong emphasis on international trade, it is an increasingly important player in global supply chains. EWL’s office in Vietnam plays a pivotal role in facilitating international trade by managing the transportation of goods and cargo across borders efficiently and securely. 

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1. Strategic Location and Connectivity:

Vietnam’s strategic location in Southeast Asia makes it a key hub for trade within the region and with all other parts of the world.

2. Port and Infrastructure Development:

Major ports like Saigon-Vung Tau, Haiphong and Danang are crucial hubs for cargo movement. Port services companies have invested hugely in modernising and expanding these ports increasing the size of ships that can call to cut down on transhipments.

3. Air cargo:

as Vietnam’s economy moves away from low level manufacturing into consumer electronics a higher proportion of trade is shipped by air. Saigon and Hanoi airports are increasingly globally connected and EWL Vietnam handles a growing share of this market.

4. Customs and regulatory Expertise:

Vietnam enjoys more bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements than any other country. Knowing how to take full advantage of these FTAs, by managing customs procedures and documents is a complex task. EWL has in depth knowledge of Vietnamese customs procedures and regulations, ensuring compliance and seamless clearance of goods of both imports and exports by sea and by air.

5. Comprehensive Logistics Solutions:

EWL Vietnam offers end to end solutions, encompassing services such as cargo consolidation, warehousing, inland trucking, customs brokerage, insurance and more. 

6. Technology Integration:

EWL’s Connect system optimises operations, it allows consignees to track shipments in real time, manage documentation electronically and enhances overall efficiency and transparency in the supply chain.