Stakeholder Engagement
Throughout financial year 2022, the directors have complied with the requirements of Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006, in promoting the long-term success of the Company for the benefit of all stakeholders. The following disclosure describes how the directors have had regard to the matters set out in section 172(l)(a) to (f) and forms the directors' statement required under section 414CZA of The Companies Act 2006.

Engagement with Stakeholders
The directors consider its shareholders, local community, employees, customers and suppliers to be its core stakeholder groups. As part of its ongoing activities of engaging with stakeholders, the directors have undertaken the following activities in 2022:

We create value for our shareholders by generating strong and sustainable results that translate into dividends. The directors routinely engage with the shareholders on topics of strategy, performance, planning and governance.

Local Community
We continue to support our local community through fundraising activities, sponsoring local charities and working with local schools and sports clubs. We have launched our apprenticeship scheme and continue to develop our graduate program, supported by local colleges. We have also commenced refurbishment work to develop an exciting, modern working environment which will support further employment in the area.

The Company recognises the need to invest in the continual development of our employees. As we move to the next chapter on our growth journey, training remains at the heart of the business. A dedicated training space features heavily in the design of our new head office with the new layout encouraging more collaborative ways of working. The design also focuses on having areas for our teams to socialise and unwind.

In what has been a challenging period across the sector, we have continued to satisfy the needs of both our existing and new customers, providing innovative solutions, and using our buying power to negotiate advantageous long term deals with many of the industry’s top transport suppliers. EWL remains transparent and open with its customers.

Our suppliers remain critical to our operations and we continue to foster strong partnerships, adopting a collaborative working approach. We ensure our worldwide partners have strong local market knowledge to guarantee a continuing high level of service from start to finish.
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